Hey peeps of WordPress!

YES I’ve been completely off the radar with blogging for the last two (almost three) months. Ooops.

IN OTHER NEWS: I have a new (sort of new, at least) project. It’s my baby, my originals band: Lazy Byrd. Check it –


Most of my musical career has revolved around doing corporate gigs and private teaching. To go with that, I also have my non musical career in as a Marketing Manager. SO, there he was, standing in my way – my worst enemy: TIME. I was simply, strapped for time. I had two jobs (three at one point) and then my leftover time was to do my laundry, clean up my house and maybe cook a meal and actually eat it and not just fall asleep.

I’ve always loved songwriting and have dreamed of releasing my own material for so long and while I definitely had the means to do so, if I’m honest with myself I’d say that I never quite found the ‘time’ and the right motivation. 

In light of all the time my work was taking, I have somehow managed to squeeze in weekly songwriting sessions & rehearsals with two of my closest friends.

I’m so proud to say that we are now 8 months in, 10 original tunes deep and ready to hit the ground running! Keep your eyes peeled for more LazyByrd…..


PS We’re on instagram!