Check Out My Studio & Meet My Band…

Now that I’ve gone back to my normal work schedule – office, teaching, and a side of gigging – it’s becoming harder to post here frequently. Oh and also caught the flu..I still haven’t shaken it off completely :S

In between all of that that I’ve managed to clean up my studio/rehearsal/garage – click here to see a snap! Do you have any studio-tidy hacks you can share? Coz I feel like I’m just forever trying to find space saving solutions for gear…

Anyway, rehearsals go on for me – flu or not. Good things are coming and I’m so excited to start recording 🙂 Featured tracks will be all original compositions! (EEEEEkkkkkkk). And so I thought maybe today it would be nice to feature my band. Here’s a completely improvised take of Carole King’s ‘It’s Too Late’. It’s only my favourite song to sing EVER. What I love about jams is that nobody cares what you do…it’s all groove and chill. BUT…please excuse my croaky recovering voice!

Daniel Dydey – Guitar & Aaron Bugo – Drums.

Anyway…it’s Monday tomorrow, so I’m signing off for now!
#AnaVanPelt #Mondayitis