My Version Of A Love Song

This tune is called ‘Time Alone’: Filmed at work, after work, on a Friday afternoon.

Fun fact/s about this song: The first thing I wrote was the chord progression in the verse and it was originally in 7/4. (Eventually I left it in 4 – I can hardly play in time in 4, let alone 7 hahaha!) Apparently I also wrote a lot of dissonance and insisted on complicating phrases more and more to make it extremely difficult for myself to sing and play at the same time. Why not?! #psychobabble

Lyrically, this about my relationship with my boyfriend. Yes, cliche. There’s a lot of backstory, but long story short – we fell in love, grew apart as a lovers yet became amazing friends, refused to break up and nekminnit we’ve been together 7 years (8 this year in July actually…I had to count’d that even happen?!)

xx Toodles for now 🙂