End of Year Burnout & Carjackers.


Sums up my feelings right now (except it’s summer in Sydney so the snow is just really…hot water flakes I guess).

In other news, here’s another quickie of something new-ish I’ve been working on. It’s still pretty rough but it’s a work in progress.

The song is about a carjack that I may (or may not) have witnessed walking home one afternoon. The scene made me uncomfortable and when these two men noticed I’d seen them they stopped whatever it was they were doing to the car . My gut told me to run home as fast as I could so I did.

In my head I knew what I saw BUT the day after that I ran into one of the two ‘carjackers’ in the vicinity of said carjack. He crossed the street and walked up to the front door of a town house, reached into his pocket, took out a set of keys and OPENED the bloody door…

I’ve seen the same guy on a regular basis around here since then but I dare not ask him what he was doing to that car that one day.

So, don’t judge too quickly or you may end up with a song about a carjack that wasn’t a carjack.

Toodledeedoo xx